Greetings everyone… WOW…Summer is here and it is HOT – HOT – HOT in Phoenix.  I can’t wait to get to Chicago in July for the ASI SHOW so I can soak up some of your beautiful Midwest weather. Spring was busy for us.  Much busier than we anticipated and all of us at Qdigitizing […]

Welcome To Cora’s Corner, where every month I am going to help you with your artwork issues. However this month I’m including production issues. This month I’m going to discuss; When to use a white under base in screen printing? When estimating the number of screens needed to produce a custom screen print order, designers […]

Greetings everyone, I hope this message finds you all well and getting ready to enjoy a long Memorial Day weekend.  Gosh knows I am.  It has been a very busy start to the year and I am ready for a three day weekend.  Today I want to take just a moment to talk to you […]

Greetings everyone, Today’s topic is short but important for those of you who place orders using our online order system. It is important for all of you to know that the General Comment text box IS NOT meant to be used to ask questions, request quotes, request rush service or to enter information where you […]

Hello everybody in the wonderful world of commercial art and embroidery… Before I get in to the meat of today’s topic I would like to make a request.  If any of you would like me to speak to a direct topic will you please drop me a line at and let me know what […]