Greetings everyone, I hope everyone out there is having a fantastic spring and getting ready for summer.  Before I say anything else let me take a moment to thank each of you for making first quarter 2016 the best period in Qdigitizing history.  We don’t get a chance to say it enough so I want […]

Printing with Halftones – 3 Part Series This month I will discuss Flemenco simulated process.  Next month subject will be be Stochastic, FM (Frequency Modulation) process. This series started last month with the discussion of 4 Color Process. If you missed it, please go back and read it. Let’s get started. Just to review. Halftone […]

When you’re developing your website, you should consider the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  As SEO best practices change regularly, it can be helpful to have one or more tools on hand to help you analyze the SEO performance of your website.  There are a number of tools which are easy to use and free to use, making […]