Gmail – A free and simple communication tool.

Greetings everyone…

This biggest irony of the message I want to convey to my readers this month is that many of you may not see this newsletter.   The reason for this is several Internet Service Providers (,, and are blocking emails we send from our domain.  However, newsletters are sent from a different server and posted to our blog site so I am hoping this message will reach you.

I know what I am about to ask is a hassle but in the interest of being able to best communicate with you I am hoping you understand why I am asking. has done everything in our power to get these ISP’s to release their blocks but they are brazenly stubborn and incredibly slow to respond to any requests.
If you are not receiving emails for things like Order Completion, Hold Messages, Invoices, etc. and you have one of these ISP’s the reason is the email block by the ISP, not Qdigitizing.  If you would be willing to call your ISP and ask them to lift the block we would appreciate it.  But in all honesty, that is a hassle and most likely will fall on deaf ears from these ISP’s.

A much more robust solution is to provide us an alternate email address from someplace like a Gmail account.  Gmail is a FREE email service provider.  We have many customers using Gmail accounts with absolutely no problems.

Setting up a Gmail account is very easy and has several desirable features.  One powerful feature is easy and instant access to your email from any computer (connected to the internet) in the world.  It is also nice because you can set up an email account that is specific to one task (like working with Qdigitizing) without impacting your personal or other business accounts.  It can be very helpful to isolate all of your work with Qdigitizing to one location where you can manage the mail as well as a permanent location to store and retrieve design files.

If any of you out there would like help setting up and using a Gmail account feel free to call our toll free customer service line 877-733-4390 from 9:00am to 5:00pm Eastern time and I will be more than happy to help you set up your own Gmail account.