Today’s blog on embroidery lettering is going to be a bit technical. While this may not be the most fascinating read in the world it is an important for becoming skilled at using embroidery lettering. In the next installment I will start to bring theory and application together and start showing examples for creating lettering […]

It is about 116 degrees in Phoenix today so instead of braving the heat I thought I would take a moment to address one of my favorite topics in the wonderful world of commercial embroidery; Embroidery Alphabets and Using Stock Lettering. This will be the first installment of multi-part (4) blog where I will discuss […]

Greetings Everyone……… I would like to tackle one of the trickiest substrates to present itself in many years; Performance Moisture Wicking Fabrics. These products come in many different brands, styles, weights and fabric properties but one characteristic that remains constant is these fabrics tend to have a great deal of stretch. Additionally these fabrics stretch […]

For this blog I thought I would share some digitizing jargon with you. I know this is not the world’s sexiest topic but you will find it helpful if you can speak to your programmer in the terms he or she is familiar with. Familiarity with basic stitch types and embroidery concepts will help you […]

Greetings everyone and welcome to the Qdigitizing blog. This is my first of what will hopefully be many posts in the arena of Commercial Embroidery Digitizing, Screen Printing Art Work, Promotional Product Distribution and all things related to apparel or hard good embellishment. For those of you who don’t know me my name is Steve […]