Custom is Key.

Welcome To Cora’s Corner, where every month I am going to help you with your artwork issues. This month I would like to discuss doing custom work.

Custom means to create unique artwork that fits a specific customer’s needs.

In a recent report done by Research and Markets Research Store they stated, “custom t-shirt printing market is expected to witness significant growth with increasing disposable income, shifting trends towards fashionable apparels particularly in developing nations is expected to drive the demand for custom printed t-shirts. In addition, advancement in print-ing technology to print t-shirt with multiple color and design is also driving the growth of Custom Unisex T-shirt Printing market globally.”

They also stated, “Based on printing technologies, custom t-shirt printing market is classified into screen printing, digital printing and plot printing. Screen printing is a conventional technique used for t-shirt printing across the world and accounted for the largest revenue share. Screen printing technique is expected to maintain its dominating position through the forecast period 2016 – 2023. The growth of custom t-shirt printing market is strongly influenced by adoption of digital printing technology. Introduction of low priced solutions and advancement in inkjet heads that enables the use of variety of inks from different suppliers are expected to increase the adoption of this printing technique for custom t-shirt print-ing. Digital printing technique is also expected to benefit from immensely changing fashion trends which demands shorter production cycles and high quality prints. Digital printing technology is positioned to witness fastest growth in the next six years with rising awareness about benefits of this technology and advancement in inkjet technology.”

However, it doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch.

Create Templates that you can plug in text and design.
For example the two images here. You can change the text to another event or team and change the images to another sport.

Add Photos

Use a photo. Turn the photo into a grayscale image, then output as a one color halftone and add text. Instant custom design. If you have the resource to create simulated process separations, then you can print a photo realistic custom design when will give you an extra WOW factor.

Specialty Inks

Another way to customize a design is to use Specialty Inks. Add texture, shine, glitter, metallic, suede, glow-in-the-dark, puff etc. Best use of these inks is to use them to accent your design. That will keep the cost down as these inks tend to be more expensive. However they are worth it because they add value.

Use Digital or Plot (Cutters) Equipment.
Using digital or Plot equipment means you can do smaller quantities (and still make money). With inkjets you can create and output almost anything you can see on your computer. With Plotter/Cutters the designs have to be more simplified.

Whatever equipment and skills you have. Think out of the box on how you can maximize your potential. USE YOUR IMAGINATION!

Until next month.
Cora Kromer