Plan Your Marketing for 2018

If you want to maximize business in 2018, then your marketing strategy has to be a priority. While it isn’t always recommended to follow every marketing trend there is, there are a few that you should definitely consider to boost your organization’s profile next year.


The ability to offer a unique customer experience is going to be a very important part of any marketing strategy. This is something that needs to be tailored to the requirements of the individual and has been shown to be far better than a standard marketing campaign that treats all customers the same. It is thought that personalizing calls to action can see an improvement in conversion rates of more than 40%.

Mobile first

Search engines are now paying more attention to mobile sites and this means that you should too. More and more people are using their smartphones to search for what they want online so creating a positive mobile user experience is essential. A survey has shown that people are around 60% less likely to buy from a brand if their mobile site is not user-friendly.

Video marketing

This is something that is not just a trend. Every year video marketing is growing in popularity. People who view video are more likely to make a purchase than those who do not. The potential with video is huge, from basic instruction videos to targeted video ads. It is strongly felt that marketing experts and brands who are not investing in video marketing are missing a strong opportunity for promotion.

Native advertising

Native ads are a type of ad that blend in really well with existing content. Most people who see them will not even realize that they are ads. These are non-disruptive, so appear to fit in very well with the rest of the content on the site. People have a tendency to block pop-up ads and banner ads, which can be irritating and have a negative impact on the user experience so this form of advertising is a much more user-friendly option.

 Geotargeting and geofencing

Geotargeting is an instant form of marketing and uses the user location to target the advertising. This is done through an app, via a website or text or even just an online ad. As a smaller part of this, geofencing will aim advertising at those who are within a specific area. This is something that businesses based in specific locations can benefit from, helping them to build a strong relationship with their customer base and make it easier to expand that customer base.

Taking notice of what is happening in the marketing world is essential if you want to be able to take advantage of it. Many of the different trends mentioned here has the potential to change the way that you do business and help you to expand sales, meeting higher and higher targets as 2018 progresses.