Welcome To Cora’s Corner, where every month I am going to help you with your artwork issues. This month I’m going to talk about screen printing artwork tips. Keep the Screen Printing Artwork Simple! While this tip certainly doesn’t apply in all cases, in general it is best to keep artwork as simple as possible. […]

Before I say anything else please understand – this presentation is not meant to be a list of excuses for poorly programmed designs. Rather, it is a presentation of fact based on observation from many years of both embroidery production and embroidery digitizing experience. While it may be true that if you put 10 digitizers […]

Hey Everyone – I get this question all of the time, “How can I cross reference one thread company color to another?” Example “I have Madeira 1147 (red) what is it equal to on the Robisons Anton color chart? Go to this web site >>> and all will be revealed. You can even enter […]