Greetings everyone, I hope spring has officially sprung for all of you, especially our friends up in the Northeast who had such a brutal winter.  Down here in sunny Arizona things are starting to officially warm up and next thing I know we will be melting in 110 plus degree days. For a long time […]

Welcome To Cora’s Corner, where every month I am going to help you with your artwork issues. Gear up for a little Design 101. In this blog, we’ll tackle color theory basics that every design enthusiast should know. 1. How To Use The Color Wheel Like trigonometry, the color wheel is probably one of those […]

Thinking about starting a newsletter or interested in reaching out to your customers or contacts via email? Email marketing is a FANTASTIC way to reach people online without spending a fortune (or without spending any money, really!).  Before you get started, check out these top 5 email marketing tips…   Using a personal account vs. […]