Greetings Everyone……… It is finally, officially cooling off in Phoenix and that means we are turning the corner to a busy holiday season.  When we get busy that means you guys get busy.  And when you get busy it means you don’t want to waste time re-stitching  garments where the embroidery did not work the […]

Use Adobe mobile apps to make the most out of your Adobe Creative Cloud membership. These apps are created to work with the desktop apps you already have on your laptop or desktop.These apps help you get a jump start on your creative process while on the move. They turn your iPad into a mobile […]

For businesses the use of social media is essential for reaching new and existing customers, but when it comes to Facebook there are a few do’s and don’ts that you need to be aware of.  Most people have a Facebook “profile” but not many people know that this is very different to a Facebook “page.” […]