Greetings everyone… I hope all of you are off to a fantastic new 2017.  All of us at Qdigitizing came back from the holiday break energized and ready to tackle an exciting new year. One of Qdigitizing’s most powerful features is also one of our most under utilized because many of our customers don’t know […]

 I have been asked several times lately about how to set-up artwork to register on the press more quickly. Usually the question of using butt registration vs trap comes into play. As an artist and a printer how the print looks determines what I use. There are several causes that effect how quick one can […]

LinkedIn is arguably the social networking site of choice for professionals and businesses and it is also becoming a great place to promote your company and services.  However, there are still many businesses that have not yet realized the marketing potential of LinkedIn, with many choosing only to use it to create a personal profile. […]