Reprint from 2010 —  This question remains the one of the top three questions I receive about embroidery digitizing and is worth of a reprint of this article. One of the most frequent questions I receive from customers is “can my embroidery design be resized?” Unfortunately that is not a YES or NO question and […]

Welcome To Cora’s Corner, where every month I am going to help you with your artwork issues. This month I would like to discuss some the benefits of creating halftones as design elements.   So, it’s always nice to give design projects (logos, illustrations, etc.) some pizazz. Halftones are usually used to create gradients or […]

LinkedIn is a rapidly growing social networking site for professionals and businesses. Users can choose to create a free profile page or a premium profile page for a small fee, but how do they differ? Which one is going to be right for you? Let’s jump right in… Free account key points The free account […]