Welcome To Cora’s Corner, where every month I am going to help you with

your artwork issues. This month I would like to discuss some the benefits of creating halftones as design elements.


So, it’s always nice to give design projects (logos, illustrations, etc.) some pizazz. Halftones are usually used to create gradients or to blend 2 or more colors to create other colors. However halftones can be used to dress up a design. Halftones can be used for the background to make the element(s) on top pop, add color or interest to the object converted to halftones.









Halftones can represent the sun, ball, stars, water or anything your imagination can come up with.




Used with comic book type artwork or text, halftones can give your design the retro feel.


Use halftones on one color designs to create shading variations of the design. It’s a great way to make your design pop without having to use multiple colors to achieve it.

You can create these halftones using your graphic software tools or 3rd party plug-ins like Astute Graphics Phantasm v3. Start with one of your old designs and see what using halftones to jazz it up can do for you. Go on, play and get creative.

Until next month.

Cora Kromer


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