Every year Qdigitizing enters the prestigious Stitches Magazine digitizing competition, Golden Needle Awards.  This year we are proud to announce we have won three different awards shown below (click the MORE link).  You can also read the digital version of full article at this URL .  There were many quality designs entered from some very talented digitizers each of which deserves recognition of it’s.   Qdigitizing is very proud to be part of that group and have received such praise from our peers in the industry.
The Q team has a lot of fun creating these designs.  Each piece of art is selected based on subjective review of the “visual interest” of the design.  Then we discuss which designs best lend themselves to an embroidery treatment.  Each of these designs allows us the opportunity to spread our wings and fly.  We are not trying to save on stitch count or worry about how many color changes or trims there might be.  We are intentionally pressing the boundaries of what embroidery can be.    We hop you will enjoy viewing these designs as much as we enjoyed creating them!

The Grand Prize – Stitches Editors Pick for our design named, Photo Girl:

Design of the Year – Artistic Fashion for our design named Warrior Man

Digitizing – Editors Pick for our design named – Man’s Face

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  1. Wow, Steve…. These are fantastic! Photo Girl of course is my favorite but their all over the top…. I’d really like to be able to do this type of work.


  2. Such wonderful work! Never stop creating….you are very gifted. Lollie Conn

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