Give your Marketing a Touch of Romance

In marketing there are some events each year that you should really take advantage of and Valentine’s Day is one of them.  Are you concerned that you don’t have the right sort of business for Valentine’s Day?  Despite what you might think, there is more to the day than jewelry, chocolates and red roses!

It is estimated that in 2014, the average Valentine’s Day spend on gifts was more than $130 and it is not just couples in love that are buying gifts for each other – people spend money on their kids and their pets too.

Launch an Offer

Even if the product that you sell has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day you can still promote an offer  to coincide with the holiday.  It could be something as simple as free shipping or a discount, just to encourage people to look at your site when they are browsing for gifts.  Launch the offer in enough time to ensure deliveries are in time for Valentine’s Day.

Give your Products a Romantic Twist

What if your products are not traditionally romantic?  Can you present them in a way that makes them seem romantic?  One well-known company that sells kitchenware launched a Valentine’s Day campaign that encouraged people to stay at home and prepare their own romantic meal instead of boosting the coffers of local restaurants.  By clearly demonstrating what people can do to create their own romantic night at home they had a very successful Valentine’s Day sales campaign.

Suggesting Gift Ideas

For some people the idea of giving or receiving the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts of chocolates, flowers or jewelry is a little unoriginal and many would like to see a little more thought go into the process.  Why not take a look at your product range and see if you can promote anything on there as a Valentine’s Day gift?  Even if you just select one or two items, it can give your sales a boost in the lead up to the occasion.

Add a Little Romance to your Website

Small differences in the design of your website can make it stand out among other retailers when you are hoping for a Valentine’s Day boost.  This can be as easy as adding a heart to your logo.  Consider the way that Google changes its logo to suit various occasions – it always catches the eye and this is a policy that can work for you too.  Red and pink will also add to the romantic ambiance and if you are promoting a specific product as a gift idea add this to that page too.

Consider Inspiring your Customers

Some sites find it beneficial to post inspirational quotes around this time of the year.  This can get people thinking about what they want from the day and it can also help to point them in the direction of your online store if approached the right way.

Valentine’s Day is one of those times of the year when people are actively looking to spend money – use a few of these tips to encourage them to spend that money with you! As always, send all your marketing questions to me, Amy Grishman at .