Back to School Marketing Tips

When it is time to head back to school after the summer break there is plenty of potential for you to boost the effects of your marketing campaign by focusing on those who spend money at this time of the year.

Social media

Remember that in many cases it is the kids who are influencing the way their parents spend money so it is a good idea to promote widely on social media. Kids (ages 13 and up) make up a large proportion of social media users and can be easy to reach if you sell products that are appropriate for this demographic. In addition, almost half of all teenagers are using some form of social media each day, so consider creating a back to school theme marketing campaign with this age group in mind.

Target Moms

Remember that social media does not stop at Facebook. It is estimated that around 40% of moms use Pinterest on a regular basis, so make sure you create an account for your brand and put together a great Pinterest page with plenty of attractive images and links to attract moms to your back-to-school bargains, who then save them to their own pages, helping to spread the word on your behalf.

Try a selfie or two!

Instagram has very quickly become one of the most popular social media sites and this is a really easy way of getting your target market involved. Why not have a selfie campaign? Create your own hashtag and ask the public to send you their favorite selfies and other images to show them doing back to school shopping. It acts as a continual reminder that back to school is an important part of this time of the year and will remind people of your products and services.

Special offers

Don’t forget to add one or two special offers that are relevant to the back to school market. Marketing is not just about reminding people that your business exists, but about giving them an incentive to buy from you. If you sell essential school supplies then this one is easy but may not so much for those with companies that offer other services.

The wrong type of business

You should never be worried that you can’t make the most of back to school marketing just because your business isn’t school-related. Many businesses put a creative spin on the “back to school” theme and create themes like “back to home”. With that said, there are plenty of ways you can promote your products and services at this time of the year. Parents will be glad for special offers for restaurants and similar services and it can be promoted as a ‘get away from back to school’ marketing campaign’, encouraging them to forget about new school semester preparations by taking some time out for themselves.

Whatever you decide to do, just remember that at this time of the year is a refresh for many people and there are people out there who need additional products and services and they are ready to spend their hard-earned money. All they need is a little encouragement and they could soon be spending that money with you.