Boost your Business with Cross Promotion

Taking the time out for marketing can be difficult for a small business owner with so many other things that need to be done, but using cross promotion can solve a lot of marketing issues.  Cross promotion is a marketing method that involves teaming up with a partner business and helping to promote each other’s services. For example, an embroidery company can promote one of their suppliers and vice versa.  The two businesses work in the same industry but offer different services that each other’s customers are likely to need.

Promoting other Businesses

Word of mouth for your own business can lead to your customer base growing dramatically.  So how do you go about it?

There are some very easy ways to promote a partner business.  For example, you can print details of your partner business on receipts.  You can add their contact information onto your stationery and put ads for them on your website.  In return they can do the same for you.  You can use your social media sites to promote special offers from both your own company and your partner business. In addition you can feature each other’s services in email blasts and newsletters.

Articles for your website or blog can be a great way of advertising your services and with a cross promotion partner, you can explain to your clients and customers just how your partner can help them too.  For example, your partner can provide special tips and tricks in a featured blog post on your website and vice versa.

Creating a joint special offer between the two companies can also be very beneficial.  Money off a product from one partner if buying a service from another can produce more clients and customers.

Benefits of Cross Promotion

It can help to establish the credibility of a company if they are seen to be promoting another business and in turn have their own business promoted by others.  Promoting your business this way can save you a lot of money on marketing as part of your marketing is done by somebody else and you can use free marketing methods such as content and email marketing so costs can be kept fairly low, even though you are going to be potentially doubling your market.

This faster method of marketing can save you a great deal of time.  Marketing can be a complex process, particularly for a small business that is looking to grow and those who are running a business on their own do not always have the time to devote to promotion.  Using cross promotion you use half the time, promote twice the services and could bring in twice as many clients.

Cross promotion also shows that other businesses trust your services.  This can help to raise your standing in your particular industry and with the general public.  It is a very eye-catching way of advertising your company too and will encourage people to look into both companies to see what they offer.

If you find a business that you can easily partner with then you should talk to the business owner about the mutual benefits of cross promotion marketing and work out a strategy between you.