The Benefits of Visual Marketing

The digital world moves along at a very rapid pace and this is especially true of digital marketing. Over the last few years one of the major factors in digital marketing has been the increased use of visual material. As more and more people can access visual material on smartphones and tablets, it makes sense to embrace this trend and use it as part of your marketing strategy.

 Social media images

 Social media should be the first port of call for anyone considering digital media. It is very inexpensive to use and the increased use of social media by the general public means that visual media is very well received on it. Studies have shown that posts with visual content such as images and video are viewed more often than text-only posts. Greater emphasis on visual content has been seen in recent years on Twitter and Facebook, and image-based Pinterest and Instagram are also growing wildly popular.


 These are used to show data in a graph form so that it can be easily understood. The graphs are presented using a linear style and the use of different fonts and colors helps to make the graphs easy to understand. The use of infographics is increasing and businesses are finding different ways to make them fun and interesting. Avoid making infographics that are too complex – when people have to scroll through a lot of information they get bored easily.

 Video content

 These days video content is one of the most popular things on the internet. The massive growth of sites such as YouTube mean that people are searching for all kinds of things. YouTube is particularly useful for how-to videos with many people making a living posting tutorials and demonstrations online. It is not just for the average blogger either (aka video blogger). Businesses are taking advantage of their own YouTube channel to draw attention to products and services.

 Virtual tours

Businesses all over the world are making use of online virtual tours to entice new customers. How many times have you looked online at property for sale and noticed that the realtor has added a virtual tour of the property? This means that you can look around the property without leaving your own home. It is the ideal way for those who are busy to find out more. You can put on tours of your company premises, establish online exhibitions and showcase the best parts of your company. It is particularly useful for customers and clients in other countries who may not be able to get to visit your premises. As a marketing tool it can bring your clients one step closer to you, breaking down a virtual barrier.

 Visual marketing is something that most businesses are only just discovering and it is important to look at the different options that are available. Don’t be tempted to just use one form – try a few out and find out which are the most effective for you. If you’re new to marketing check out our long list of posts on social media marketing, search engine optimization, advertising and more, here. Thanks again for reading and as always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me, Amy Grishman at