There is always the danger when you’re posting material on social media that it will be missed by your target audience. Consider the newsfeeds on Facebook as an example. The user can log into their account and all of the latest information should be right there on their newsfeed. But what if you posted four […]

These days anybody can find out almost anything simply by enlisting the help of Google. If you want to know more about a company or brand the information is always there at your fingertips and you really need to consider this when you are planning your marketing strategy. There is no point promoting your latest […]

If you want to maximize business in 2018, then your marketing strategy has to be a priority. While it isn’t always recommended to follow every marketing trend there is, there are a few that you should definitely consider to boost your organization’s profile next year. Personalization The ability to offer a unique customer experience is […]

Figuring out what it is that people are looking for online is important when you’re building a business, so you need to acquire a little expertise in this field in order to keep your content relevant. That might sound like a lengthy, expensive and laborious process, but all it takes is a little research and […]

Good customer service doesn’t mean just looking after the happy customers – occasionally you are going to get a bad review but with careful handling this does not have to translate into a negative impact on your business. Keep the following tips in mind when handling unhappy customers on social media. Listen When a customer […]

When it is time to head back to school after the summer break there is plenty of potential for you to boost the effects of your marketing campaign by focusing on those who spend money at this time of the year. Social media Remember that in many cases it is the kids who are influencing […]

Nearly everybody is carrying a smartphone these days so why not make the most of the apps available and let them help you to organize your life? From work to your home life, there is an app (usually free!) to help you with everything and these are just a few of our favorites. Post-it Plus […]

The digital world moves along at a very rapid pace and this is especially true of digital marketing. Over the last few years one of the major factors in digital marketing has been the increased use of visual material. As more and more people can access visual material on smartphones and tablets, it makes sense […]

As summer approaches are you planning to make any changes to your marketing strategy? Or are you just expecting there to be a lull in business as people go on vacation and start spending more time outdoors? With the right strategies, you can actually curb any slowdown and maybe even increase your business. Lets explore […]

If you’ve been paying attention to updates in web development over the past few years, you’ve probably heard of responsive website design. A responsive website is simply one that recognizes the type of device that it is being utilized and adapts accordingly, reformatting to ensure that there is the ideal user experience at all times. […]