The Advantages to Web Based Ordering

Greetings everyone,

I hope this message finds you all well and getting ready to enjoy a long Memorial Day weekend.  Gosh knows I am.  It has been a very busy start to the year and I am ready for a three day weekend.  Today I want to take just a moment to talk to you about why using our Web Based Order Forms are superior to email submission for orders.

Before I say anything else I want you all to know you are free to submit your orders via email or using our on line forms.  The point of this message is only to explain to you why the web based system is more efficient for us and in turn you.

  1.  You will receive instant gratification in knowing your order has been received, an order number assigned and an order completion window provided.  If you need to contact customer service your order number is invaluable in helping us expedite any questions or concerns you might have.
  2.  Orders placed on the web are immediately added to our work flow.  IF you email an order in your email must be manually entered in to our system.  We get “lots” of email.  Depending how busy we are it might take several hours to get your order manually entered in to our work queue.  Our internal clocks do not start until an order is time stamped as received in our work flow system.  We cannot “back-timestamp” an email.  If your order is time critical it is always more efficient to use the web based system.
  3.  Our web based order forms ask all of the questions we need answered in order to do a good job for you.  If you take the time to answer these questions to the best of your ability you will find our success rate in getting your design completed correctly on the first pass is vastly improved.
  4. Using the web based system removes “human error and lost email issues” from the equation.  We are very good but we are only human.  Our automated systems will always correctly place your orders and are not subject to the whims of human frailty.  Additionally, as much as we like to rely on email it can sometimes be less reliable than we would like.  You can be assured that if you place a web based order and receive an order ID number we have your job and are working to get your order returned to you.

Finally, and not to be redundant but this is important and applies to edits as well as new orders.  Regardless of how you place an order/edit you will always receive an email confirmation with an Order ID Number.  If you place the order on the web you will get this immediately.  If you email this request in you will not get an Order Confirmation until we can manually process your order.  This might take minutes or it might take hours, it depends how busy we are.  Either way – if you do not receive an order confirmation with an order number then something has gone wrong and you need to contact customer service.  If it is a web based order you should call right away.  If it is email (phone, snail mail, etc) you should wait as much time as you feel comfortable with and then call us.  Customer service is always here to help you 9am to 9pm eastern time.  If you don’t get an answer please leave a message.  We will call you back…I promise.

I hope to hear from you all soon.  I am always open to topics for discussion.  My areas of expertise are: Commercial Embroidery, Embroidery Digitizing, Operations Management and I really like the Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Who, The Stones and the Eagles, in no particular order!

Steve Freeman
Managing Partner