Taking the time out for marketing can be difficult for a small business owner with so many other things that need to be done, but using cross promotion can solve a lot of marketing issues.  Cross promotion is a marketing method that involves teaming up with a partner business and helping to promote each other’s […]

Hello Everybody… I am freshly back from the ASI Orlando and ISS Long Beach industry trade shows.  We had a great time and we hope you did as well.  I would say between the two shows we were able to put faces to about 50 of you who usually only get to  speak with us […]

Originally published in Stitches Magazine March/April 2009.  Written by Steven Freeman, reprinted with permission from Stitches Magazine When the only product you sell is the stitches you sew, you had better sew them well! Contract embroidery is a term often thrown around loosely in the world of commercial embroidery. But what does it mean, exactly? […]

Reprinted with permission from Stitches Magazine – Written by Steven Freeman Don’t wait until you have to hire an attorney to get briefed on intellectual property law. For a small-business owner, it’s tough to turn down business. If you’re offered design work that you suspect could infringe on someone’s trademark or copyright, however, industry veteran […]

One of the most frequent questions I receive at Qdigitzing is, “Do you also provide embroidery services?”  Unfortunately the answer to this question is, “no” but I can refer anyone who asks to several companies I personally know who would do a good job for you. However, I would not expect you to just take […]

Greetings everyone! As we enter the busy season everyone will be looking for ways to save time and money. To that end my blog this month is short on content but powerful in utility! One of the most challenging aspects in commercial embroidery is color matching a logo to a predefined and exact color palette. […]


While the art requirements to digitize a design are not as high as other print mediums the ability to exactly duplicate an image is greatly reduced.  There are primarily two reasons for this, embroidery does not have near the resolution of other print methods and embroidery cannot effectively duplicate any kind of opacity in an […]

Before I say anything else please understand – this presentation is not meant to be a list of excuses for poorly programmed designs. Rather, it is a presentation of fact based on observation from many years of both embroidery production and embroidery digitizing experience. While it may be true that if you put 10 digitizers […]

Hey Everyone – I get this question all of the time, “How can I cross reference one thread company color to another?” Example “I have Madeira 1147 (red) what is it equal to on the Robisons Anton color chart? Go to this web site >>> and all will be revealed. You can even enter […]

In the wonderful world of embroidery time is money. I guess that can be said for any number of occupations but in commercial embroidery it is especially true. To maximize your profit you must figure out ways to improve your productivity. This blog will be the first in a four part series about how to […]